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The successful real estate agent, who genuinely has a future in the property industry, is someone who isn’t afraid of innovation and is open to improving the way in which business is done. They will face up to any new factor which affects the property industry and, if necessary, they will adapt.

Years ago, one such ‘new factor’ was the internet.  Obviously, we know now that the internet has radically changed the way in which people find, buy and sell properties.  In certain countries, it has encouraged vendors to cut out the agent’s all together and go it alone, often with mixed results.

But how is technology today really changing the way the property industry works?  What will clients of the future expect from a professional agency? And how will agents be able to improve their services? here at  Thai Property Guru  we have you covered 









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Thai Property Guru is a professional real estate agency covering, Bangkok, Hua Hin, Pattaya and Bang Saray in Thailand.

Thai Property Guruis an “Independent” real estate company 

We’re approachable, friendly and committed to making your move as quick, simple and as stress free as possible, just what every real estate agent should be!

Our portfolio covers a wide range of real estate, including condominiums, villas, commercial and land, both for sale and for rent.