Property Investments

Thailand is full of property investment options. With its geographical location in between some economical powerful countries with beautiful scenery and culture making Thailand a favorable destination for property investors. Thailand offers a fairly stable climate during the entire year giving besides business plenty of retirement or living options.

Property Specialist

By requesting advice from one of our specialist, Thailand Guru can advise and support you in investing in the type of property fitting your need and requirements. Or for that matter a second opinion on the property you are wanting to purchase or invest in. Thailand Guru can help you make sure your investment is worthwhile and lasting!

Besides investment advice Thailand Guru can also offer a wide range of services that will help you with your investments.
These services can range from property maintenance and renovation to services in property and investment advice. And can assist in negotiating with the owner in getting the best price for your investment.

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Investment options

Thailand offers several incentives for property investors but also restrictions and limits. Thailand Guru can advice and aid you in making sure you own your property. And can help setting up the right documentation or construction required for your property. Making investing in in properties a stress-free occupation.

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