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Thailand Guru team has several services to offer, some of these services are related to property maintenance or management. Other services are services offered in regards to aiding in purchase or renting properties. Please read below chapters for more information.

Maintenance and renovation

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Are you looking for a handyman or a contractor for renovating or improving your property? Whether you are looking for an electrician, carpenter, painter, plumber or constructor in your area. You are here with the right company. Thailand Guru Has a wide range of available specialist and mechanics for each type of job in and around your house or company.

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Do you own properties, but you don’t have the time or resources to manage your tenant(s) or find new tenants. Don’t look further! Thailand Guru has the service you are looking for. Allow Thailand Guru maintain your properties for very affordable rates. Making property investment an easy job with the right management partners.

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Ownership transfer and due diligence

Buying properties is always a stressful part whether personal or for your business. If you are looking in purchasing a property and want to verify the owner or seller for credibility or just confirm property ownership. But also being physically present during property transfer to make sure everything is handled accordingly. Thailand Guru can offer you various services in regards to property and owner due diligence.

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Price Negotiation

Dealing with an agent or owner directly? Buying properties and having certainty about the costs can be stressful. Not only do costs vary between agents it could be worth hiring a profession price negotiator to get the best price for your property.
And having a property strategist available can really become of benefit when acquiring your property.

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